The Future of Work: New Changes
By Abraham Mmbaga
February 22, 2024

Much has been said about the future of work, I wondered about selecting my career path after graduating. Friends were getting jobs in reputable organizations such as KPMG, PwC or IOM, how could I land my dream job too?

But a good job does not have one set path. It’s no longer rigid. It’s not just full-time, onsite, big corp, major capital cities. It’s much more.

A good job ignites your own passions, one with a direct relationship between the work and how you benefit from it.

In the past job announcements would require you to be on site for the role or have the need to relocate, companies used to look for candidates with high grades and shiny certificates, shiny colleges/ universities and hunted talents from top companies.

Where we used to see resumes, cover letters and interviews, now we see LinkedIn recruiters and Instagram story job posts.

The future of work is quite different now.

Here are some changes I’ve seen so far:

More tasks, less jobs: The future of work is not about jobs but most of them transform into task-oriented work. Anyone with the right skills/ abilities to do a particular task(s) has the assurance to earn a living. People do what they feel aligns with their value, based on their availability/ when required, and get paid.

Living borderless: Whether you are looking for a job or hiring for your team, forget everything regarding physical boundaries. The future of work is all about working from anywhere at any time. Borders are not the limit.

Embracing candidate backgrounds: In the past, if you were a certain sex, age or gender, you couldn’t find a job. The future of work is inclusive and removes all these traditional abandonments. Now more than ever, anyone who has the right skills can find a job!

Forget about shouting talents from high-ranked universities and companies: Whether you are from Harvard, worked with BBC or KPMG you scored a 4.8 – 5.0 GPA or you went overseas for studies. The future of work cares about what YOU can do. It has nothing to do with university degrees, credentials or the colleges you graduated and companies you graduated from. Even if you dropped out of college, the future of work accommodates you.

Talents with these human skills – CREATIVITY, COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION & PROBLEM SOLVING are in a good position to win considerable positions in the future of work.

Resumes, academic certificates, cover letters, and other traditional documents are slowly becoming a thing of the past (thank God). Find the right skills and the best ways to utilize your skills to bring a considerable business solution. Build a good profile in social media platforms like LinkedIn, build your digital portfolio or website.

It is not about how long you have been in the industry – it is about your ability to learn fast and adapt. 10 to 20 years mean nothing without keeping up with an ever changing market

And so, keep optimistic, keep looking, and we are here to help you as you enter the world of work!


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