Author: Abraham Mmbaga

Image: Finmark

If you are looking to build your startup team, you have to make a paradigm shift from the old traditional methods of hiring and talent management.

Relying on job boards and LinkedIn Jobs is not efficient and effective enough to provide you with the talents you are looking for.

Trying to create a comfort workplace won’t give you the people who serve. Let your people feel a bit insecure and less comfortable. Being comfort is not health for them to learn, commit and bring fresh perspectives. Comfort sometimes might cultivate incompetence. Don’t mind the location where talents work from or the years of experience have, the thing is getting shit done. You talent management strategy should accommodate these things.

Here are few ways to attract top talents for your startup?

Know what candidates you are targeting. Know the kind of people you want and where you can find them. In the digital era, your country’s borders are not the limit. If skills for a particular role you are looking for are hard to find in your country, then think of getting them elsewhere. Use the internet and social media platforms to identify the channels in which most talents engage in those countries.

Build a reputable brand. Establish trust with candidates so you don’t need to do hundreds of interviews, background checks, aptitude tests, or request resumes and cover letters. You already know where they are, and they know about you as well. Communicate your company culture and what your company cares about. Get candidates attracted to work in your company.

Image: Finmark

Adopt a culture that facilitates creativity and innovation. Hire talents with entrepreneurship mindset. They will amaze you with their eagerness to learn, bringing fresh perspectives when it comes to innovation and change. Don’t hire people to have a life-time contract in your company. Hire talented people who get the work done and deliver the uttermost business results. Hire very few full-timers and freelancers who work on tasks to do and not on a routine basis. Get rid of the traditional employment patterns. It is not a must to fill your team with people who commit 9 to 12 hours six days a week. It will serve your budget and help you get the most out of them.

Image: from Tim Denning LinkedIn post

I would love to leave you with a comment that the number of good people is declining day by day speeding up talent shortage. Talents gain more stakes in negotiation than ever before. The future of work is about a balanced employment relationship. While looking for talents value on creating good relationship with candidate.